Sometimes life can be a punch in the gut. We all go through seasons of feeling overwhelmed. Living Hope is equipped with trained Biblical Counselors to help you during these tough times.

Simply put, Biblical Counseling is counsel from the Bible, which we believe to be sufficient for everything that pertains to life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3-4). It is a form of discipleship or spiritual mentoring. Whereas preaching is the public ministry of the Word, counseling is the private ministry of the Word. Though discipleship and counseling happens at an informal level throughout Living Hope Church, this type of counseling happens at a formal level within our Biblical Counseling ministry.


What you can expect from our counselors are people who will love you, be faithful to you, work hard for you, pray with and for you, and care for you in a Christ-centered, biblically-grounded, Spirit-led, prayer-saturated environment. We value, love, and even like, each and every one of those who come to us for counsel. We do not promise to have all the answers to everything, but we do promise to do our best to help you find those answers.


What we expect from you is honesty, openness, genuineness, hard work, consistency, humility, and teachability.

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